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Lachha Paratha / Multi-layered Indian flat bread / Step by Step recipe

Lachha Paratha / laccha paratha recipe is a multi-layered paratha whose origin is from Punjab but now a days,  it is very popular all over India. Since it is from Punjab, it is also called as Punjabi lachedar paratha / Punjabi lachha paratha.  Myself being from Kerala have grown up seeing Kerala Porotta and from my very young age, I used to think, how to make these layers and I used to watch very keenly the thattu kada chettan when he makes these porotta.  Then as years passed, I became health conscious and started avoiding maida and thus Kerala porotta slowly went to the last position in my menu list.  But I couldn't avoid it completely and I started looking out for healthy options.  This is when I came across lachha parathas.  These parathas can also be made with half wheat and half maida. But taking the healthy point and since it is to be given to my children,  I have made it using wheat flour.  No maida.  You can see the layers very clearly in the picture.  Here I have given the step by step picture of how to make these parathas.  I have made use of 2 cups of wheat flour for this purpose.  You can also make use of 1 cup wheat flour and 1 cup maida also to make Lachha paratha. 

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Punjabi lachha paratha recipe - Ingredients

  • flour                                               -  2 cups
  • oil (for dough and parathas)          -  3 tablespoons
  • chat masala                                    -  1 teaspoon
  • salt                                                  -  (to taste)

How to make lachha paratha

1.  To the flour, add salt and 1 teaspoon of oil.  Mix it well.  Now add water slowly, little by little and make a dough. 
2.  Now press the dough and make some finger impressions on the dough, add a little water, cover the dough.  Keep it aside for some time.
3.  Take little oil in your hands press it and make the dough soft once more. 
To make parathas
1.  Take a small ball, slightly flatten it in your hands, dip it in dry flour, and then roll it with the help of a roller pin.

2.  Make a circle.  Then apply little oil on top of the circle and spread it evenly.
3.  Now sprinkle around 1/2 teaspoon of chat masala on top of the oil.
4.  Spread the chat masala evenly on the top.  The slowly, fold the circled dough from one side and immediately fold it to the other side (like you take saree pleat) and end with the other side. You get thin long strip. 

5.  Press it well. Slowly pull it from the sides.  You can find that it gets stretched. Then slowly roll it as you do for swiss roll

6.  Roll this in dry flour and again roll it once more.  Repeat the steps again.  Then you can see the rolled dough how it has become.  The layers are clear.
7. Heat a tawa.  Spread a little oil on it and add the circled dough.  Wait till bubbles start appearing on one side.  Then slowly turn the paratha to the other side.  Let it cooked evenly on both sides.  Apply oil on both sides. 
8.  Now, remove the round, place it slowly in your palms and slightly press it towards the centre to show the layers very clearly. 

9.  Apply butter on it and serve lachha paratha hot with any subzi or curd. 

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Enjoy cooking and serving


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