Friday, 9 May 2014

Spiced up kozhukkatta / kozhukkatta upma / spiced rice dumplings

 Kozhukkatta is one of the breakfast items prepared in Kerala.  At home we make it very often as  my daughter likes it.  Today, I had some left over kozhukkattas with which I made upma. This can be served for breakfast or for snacks.  I served it with onion chutney, but with out chutney also it tastes good.  We usually make this as a snack when there is some leftover kozhukkattas.  Here's the recipe for it and hope you enjoy it. 

Ingredients required

rice flour / puttu podi1 cup
coconut (scraped)3/4 cup
saltto taste
wateras req.

for seasoning
oil 2 tablespoon
mustard seeds / kadugu1 teaspoon
urud dal / uzhunnuparippu1 tablespoon
curry leaves / kariveppillafew
dry red chilly / kappalmulagu2 - 3
green chilly / pachamulagu2
hing / kayama pinch
onion (shallots chopped)10 - 15
ginger 1 piece.


1.  To rice flour mix coconut.  Bring water to boil add salt.  Now slowly add water little by little to the rice coconut mixture, until it forms a dough.  Keep stirring with a spatula.


2.  Let it cool for some time and them knead it once more with your hands.  Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil at this stage, and gently knead it once more. 

3.  Make medium sized balls, from the dough.  Steam cook it for around 20 minutes in a steam or cooker, until the balls get cooked well.  Turn off the stove, keep it aside.

4.  When cool, cut each kozhukatta into pieces.  Keep it aside.

5.  In a pan heat oil, add mustard seeds.  Once it splutters, add dry red chilly, urud dal.  Wait till urud dal starts changing colour.

6.  Then add ginger, curry leaves, green chilly,hing and chopped shallots.  Saute it nicely.  Add little salt at this stage.  (Don't add too much).  Saute till onions turn brown. 

7.  Now add chopped kozhukkatta pieces and saute nicely. Turn off the stove once done.


8.  Serve it with chutney.  I served with onion chutney. 

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Enjoy cooking and serving



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